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Bernina 880E Plus with Embroidery Module

The most space. The most speed. The most precision. The B 880 PLUS boasts many cutting-edge features developed by a team of experts in Switzerland. The B 880 Plus is state-of-the art technology combined with Swiss craftsmanship. The unprecedented functions and innovative features are designed with the sewist, quilter and embroiderer in mind. For example, the B 880 PLUS has a programmable foot control that provides the option to knot and cut the threads and as well as raise the presser foot in one operation tailored to each individual.

BERNINA 880E Plus Exciting New Embroidery Features:

  • Pinpoint Placement
  • Enhanced Editing
  • Total Embroidery Stitch Control
  • Bonus Embroidery Designs & Alphabets

BERNINA 880E Plus Standard Features:

  • Huge space for sewing
  • Create your own stitch patterns
  • Quiet, fast & precise
  • Sew & embroider longer

The top model with the most features for highest comfort

  • Stitch Designer
  • Shape Designer
  • Color Wheel
  • Distortion
  • Extended Freearm


BERNINA 880 Brochure

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BERNINA 880 – Enter the world of endless creativity

Fully automatic features

Imagine a machine that automatically responds to your needs. The presser foot automatically lowers at the start of a seam and lifts again at the end. The B 880 will even cut the thread for you at the end of a seam or color change in embroidery. The feed dog raises and lowers automatically for free-motion stitching and embroidery. And of course, fully automatic threading is yours at the touch of a button


Extended Freearm

The B 880 includes a meticulously engineered extended freearm area with a full 12 inches of space to the right of the needle and five inches in height. With this extralarge area, you’ll have the added benefit of a jumbo embroidery field, an extended space to expand your creativity.

Extensive stitch and design library

The BERNINA 880 includes a library of over 1,764 stitches, conveniently stored by category for a wide variety of applications. You’ll find the perfect stitch for every sewing project. Over 400 high-quality embroidery designs, including motifs by well-known designers, and 12 font styles are perfect for personalizing your projects.

Modern color touchscreen

The seven-inch touchscreen on the BERNINA 880 offers high-resolution images and brilliant colors. Cutting-edge touchscreen technology lets you choose from a wealth of innovative functions. The BERNINA 880 offers drag and drop, vertical scrolling and the swipe function for deleting motifs easily. It also features a highly intuitive onscreen operating concept providing numerous personalized settings.


The new Stitch Designer

The BERNINA 880 offers hundreds of stitches that are clearly categorized and easily retrieved. With the innovative Stitch Designer you can edit these or create your own stitches. Simply draw your ideas directly on the screen. The BERNINA 880 converts the design with a click into a stitch pattern. You can also change and save existing stitches. The possibilities are endless and your stitch library is continually expanding.

The new Shape Designer

The Embroidery Shaping function of the BERNINA 880 offers the option of duplicating embroidery designs with one click and then arranging them in a desired formation. Whether in a circle, square or heart, new and unconventional designs emerge.

The new Color Wheel

With 400 built-in designs and alphabets, embroidery is just a click away. Also, your own motifs can be quickly loaded onto the machine via two USB ports. With the the Color Wheel, designs can be changed easily and coordinated to your favorite color scheme before you start embroidering. This makes it easy to choose the most beautiful colors for your embroidery project.



The distortion function of the BERNINA 880 enables the customer to distort the stitch patterns in 0.01 mm steps to the right or to the left as well as forward or backward. You can also combine distorted stitch patterns.


Endless embroidery options

Mirror image, rotate, combine and resize designs right on the color touch screen. Built-in basting boxes hold difficult to hoop items in place for embroidery. Create arched lettering effects, adjust design density and even bring decorative stitches into embroidery. Automatically color sort complex combinations, preview alternate color options on screen with the help of the Color Wheel, and save to your machine or a USB stick. Wish to stitch out border designs? The Endless Embroidery function will walk you right through the process. Finally, you’ll love Absolute Check for perfect design placement.


Features & Functions

 BERNINA 880BERNINA 880 Sterling EditionBERNINA 830
Hook system RL RL RL
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute) 1200 1200 1100
Length of freearm to the right of the needle 305 mm 305 mm 305 mm
Color touchscreen x x x
LED sewing lights 30 LED’s 30 LED’s 30 LED’s
Maximum stitch width 9 9 9
Maximum stitch length 6 6 6
Needle positions 11 11 11
Sewing in each needle position x x x
Fully-automatic needle threader x x x
Number of spool holders 3 3 3
Semi-automatic needle threader x x x
Adjustable presser foot pressure x x x
Automatic thread cutter x x x
Manual thread cutter 3 3 4
BERNINA Dual Feed x x x
Memory (short-term/altered stitches) x x x
Memory (long-term/altered stitches) x x x
Create and save stitch combinations x x x
BSR functionality (straight stitch and zigzag) x x x
Start/stop button (stitching without foot control) x x x
Slide speed control x x x
Upper thread indicator x x x
Lower thread indicator x x x
USB interface for PC connection x x x
USB interface for USB data stick x x 2
Multi-function knobs x x x
Changing stitch settings while sewing x x x
BERNINA foot control with back-kick function x x x
Needle stop up/down x x x
Built-in needle threader - - -
Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering x x x
On-screen help x x x
Sewing tutorial x x x
Embroidery tutorial - - x
Creative consultant x x x
Personal program 4 4 4
History function (most-recently-used stitch patterns) x x x
Setup program x x x
Language selection x x x
Alarm clock x x x
Eco mode x x x

 BERNINA 880BERNINA 880 Sterling EditionBERNINA 830
Instructional CD/DVD x x x
BERNINA freearm slide-on table x x x
Accessories box / bag x x x
Dust cover x x x
Carrying bag - - -
Multiple spool holder x x x

 BERNINA 880BERNINA 880 Sterling EditionBERNINA 830
Stitch Distortion x x -
Stitch Designer x x -
Pattern mirroring x x x
360° directional sewing x x x
Free Hand System (FHS) x x x
Sideways motion feed x x x
Pattern start/end function x x x
Connecting stitches x x x
Elongation x x x
Security function program x x x
Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet) total 1764 1764 1430
Utility stitches total 40 40 32
Buttonholes (incl. eyelet) total 20 20 10
Automatic buttonhole length measuring system x x x
Automatic buttonhole x x x
Manual multi-step buttonhole x x x
Button sew-on program x x x
Darning programs 3 3 3
Heirloom stitch patterns x x -
Decorative sideways motion stitches     115
Quilting stitches total     28
Floral stitch patterns x x  
Cross-stitch programs x x 29
Children/novelty stitch patterns x x x
Tapering/skyline stitches     81
Sewing alphabets 11 11 11
Monograms (with sideways motion) x x x
Reverse sewing x x x


 BERNINA 880BERNINA 880 Sterling EditionBERNINA 830
Maximum embroidery speed (stitches per minute) 1000 1000 1000
Shape Designer x x -
Color Wheel x x -
Built-in embroidery designs 400 400 150
Embroidery alphabets 12 12 10
Embroidery design format .EXP .EXP .EXP
Mega hoop functionality x x x
Jumbo hoop functionality x x x
Freearm embroidery x x x
Onscreen editing of designs: mirroring, rotating, scaling x x x
Personal memory for embroidery designs x x x
Standard embroidery hoops** 3 (o,m,s) 3 (o,m,s) 3 (o,m,s)
Word ART x x x
Importing stitch patterns x x x
Color resequence x x x
Cut jump stitches x x x
Sequence control x x x
Basting x x x
Endless embroidery x x x
Position recall x x x
BERNINA ArtLink embroidery software (downloadable from x x x
BERNINA DesignWorks Software & Tool compatible x x x
mirroring, rotating, scaling x x x
Drag & Drop x x x

Accessories Included

BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) adapts precisely to your current sewing speed to produce absolutely consistent stitching.


Small embroidery hoop

The Small embroidery hoop (for normal use / free-arm embroidery) is a whiz at embroidering tubular items such as sleeves or pant legs.


Medium hoop – for medium-sized designs

The Medium hoop is a useful tool for the accurate embroidering of medium-sized projects with the BERNINA embroidery machine.


Reverse pattern foot # 1D

Reverse pattern foot # 1D is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches.


Large oval hoop

The Large oval hoop is suitable for both design combinations and extensive embroidery designs. The template makes quick work of accurately positioning the project in the hoop.


BERNINA bobbin for the 8 Series

With its larger than normal thread capacity, it is possible to sew continuously for longer with the BERNINA bobbin for the 8 Series.


Overlock foot # 2A

Overlock foot # 2A lets you neaten seams easily and sew high-quality hems, waistbands and overlock seams on knit fabrics.


Buttonhole foot # 3C

Buttonhole foot # 3C is the natural choice for easy sewing of buttonholes with and without cording, and is also ideal for gathering with cord.


Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A

Depending on the model, Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A determines the desired buttonhole length for identical buttonholes either via a sensor or manually.


Zipper foot # 4D

Thanks to its narrow, centrally positioned toe, Zipper foot # 4D can stitch very close to the zipper coils, allowing it to sew the zipper on neatly.


Blindstitch foot # 5

Blindstitch foot # 5 is suitable for sewing blind hems on all fabrics. When this foot is used, you can hardly see the stitching from the front.


Free-arm slide-on table for more sewing space

The BERNINA Free-arm slide-on table offers greater comfort thanks to an increased sewing area, without affecting free-arm function when sewing.


Button-sew-on foot # 18

Button-sew-on foot # 18 is the perfect tool for easy sewing of buttons, snap fasteners, eyelets and decorations.


Free-Hand System (FHS) / Presser foot lifter

The Free-Hand System (FHS) / Presser foot lifter lets you raise the presser foot and lower the feed dog with your knee. Recommended particularly when working with delicate fabrics.


Open embroidery foot # 20D

Open embroidery foot # 20 / 20C / 20D is ideal for embroidering with your sewing machine. The indentation in the sole of the presser foot allows it to glide smoothly over dense stitches.


Patchwork foot # 37D

Patchwork foot # 37D features special markings and a straight stitch opening and is ideal for patchwork and precision sewing.


Sideways motion foot # 40C

Sideways motion foot # 40C enables multi-directional sewing, and allows you to sew out large sideways motion stitch patterns.


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